The End of the Great British Bra Challenge

It is with great sadness that I have to announce the end of the great British Bra IMAG1334Challenge. With the arrival of this package, humorously addressed and sent all the way from Inverness, Scotland (just in time, may I add), the standing total of bras collected sits at an amazing 190.

A HUGE thanks goes out to all of the people from far and wide, family, friends and friends of friends, who turfed out their underwear drawers to find those lonely, unused, slightly used, unloved, ill-fitting bras and passed them on to me, they will now make their way to a new, loving home in a far flung country where bras are not normally available and are too expensive to produce.

The amazing guys and gals at Breast Talk ( raise money for breast cancer research (Through the UK’s Breast Cancer Campaign) by selling the bras the that they collect to a company called BCR Global Textiles who help small businesses in third world countries (across Africa for example) this helps to support and supply their local economy. Through their textile project, they are preventing valuable textiles from going to landfill and giving them a new lease of life in countries where bras are still too expensive to produce.

When you donate a bra, your ill-fitting, unwanted or old-fashioned bras will be transported across the other side of the world to start an exciting new life. Traders use these textiles to help support their families by selling them locally and this helps to keep families out of poverty whilst also giving women the opportunity to have much needed access to the ‘support’ they require for comfort (and sometimes protection).

Thanks again everyone for helping me to not only complete this challenge but nearly double the number of bras I originally set out to collect. You are all legends.


Top 100 Yoga Poses – Nearly 1000 users!


Since publishing my List Challenge of 100 Top Yoga poses 6 months ago (Original Yoga post), it has received over 4000 views and over 700 people have used it to work out how many of the top 100 poses they had tried (or want to try!)

I’ve popped the link below so you can have a look if you haven’t had a chance yet.


Win £100 of prizes!

I’m pushing hard to reach my £2000 fundraising target for Cancer Research UK, and as a result you could be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of prizes, made up of £50 cash and a Crabtree & Evelyn gift set worth £50 (rrp, pictured). Charity gift set

All you need to do is buy a square from my board!

There are 100 squares available to purchase, each square costs £2. You can buy as many squares as you would like. All you have to do is message me to let me know what number squares you would like – you can donate your £2 (or however many squares you buy) directly to my Cancer Research UK fundraising page –

Or you can pay in cash if I am going to see you.

I’ll keep a running log of squares that are gone on the thread below. Don’t forget you could win £50 cash and a Crabtree & Evelyn set worth £50!

Good Luck!


Food Bank Advent Calendar

For every day of advent, and every day I get to eat a chocolate out of my advent calendar, I shall be adding one item of food to a box which I will be taking to my local Basics Food Bank. If I just do the days of advent, that will be 25 items of food for people who are less fortunate than me at this time of year. I’m going to top it up to 30 items, as that feels like a nice round number! – and I’m on 9 already 🙂

If you want to donate to your local food bank, you can do so by buying an extra item during your weekly shop and dropping it in the Food Bank Bin at the front of your local supermarket (Most Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets offer this scheme). Or you could collect items at home (perhaps from your friends and family too) and drop it into your local food bank directly.

To find out where your local food bank is, just google “Food Bank” and the name of your local area. I just googled “Food Bank Fareham” and found the one in my local area and a church that collects food so you don’t have to go to a supermarket to drop it off.

It’s also useful to check on the food bank website to see if they are short of anything in particular (For example, right now, my local one is short of toilet rolls).


Miss Slinky 2015 (at my Slimming World Group!)

Wow! What a lovely surprise. To be nominated along with two other very deserving ladies was wonderful enough, let alone to win!

Being part of a group of like minded (and sometimes not like minded!) people is a fantastic thing. Joining Slimming World was a route to weight loss for me, but actually I have benefited mentally and physically from the support provided by all the lovely people in group. My weight loss journey is a bumpy one – but I’m getting there, albeit slowly.

I shall enjoy my flowers, tiara (tiara!), feather bower, sash and certificate – you may find me parading around the house in them on occasion! Thank you.

Yoga, Wheat Intolerance and Achieving 30 goals in the year I turn 30 #30in2015

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